About: Romo Entertainment

Promoting Virginia Artists

Founded in 2000 by Romonta Allen. As an aspiring, artist Romonta desired other resources than his own to further his efforts in becoming an established entertainer. During this pursuit he decided to create a company that would help develop himself as well as other artists. Since 2000 ROMO ENT has become a recognizable name for spotlighting many of the areas finest performers and providing them with opportunities in the entertainment industry.

ROMO ENT is an entertainment company that seeks aspiring talent mostly in the field of music such as singers, poets, hip hop artist, musicians, and the business side combining them all. If an artist expresses the passion and a portion of true talent then the entertainment company can proceed in the development stages for the artist which will include the following:

  • studio sessions
  • stylist to create artist image
  • vocal coach
  • photo session
  • performance placements
  • depending on the goal of client can distinguish other options of service.

In 2003 ROMO ENT developed a program named "An evening w/ROMONTA & FRIENDS” giving artists a platform to be heard and seen in a professional arena in the mist of established businesses and multiple entertainment opportunities. The success of the event has branded Romonta as a well established figure in his community. Romonta has developed an even greater relationship with national artist and label reps, opening doors for bigger and better things to come in the future.